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We are a team of passionate music lovers, movie buffs and enthusiasts with over 100 years experience collectively. From simple to sophisticated high end stereo systems, home theaters and ducted music throughout homes, boardrooms and hospitality environments (B&Bs etc). We control and automate lightning, hvac, sprinkler systems and security etc, providing a complete solution from design, drawings, pre and post wiring to installation and commissioning of systems. Our premises and facilities are of a quiet and relaxed atmosphere where our equipment can be auditioned and experienced. Our brands are chosen for their performance, reliability and back-up service.

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Home Theatre

Home theater systems turn your lounge into a private cinema with a single touch. At the press of a button the blinds and curtains close, the lights dim, the screen appears and the opening credits roll. All you have to do is sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the movie, while controlling all functions from the comfort of your sofa or armchair.

Multi-Room Audio

Whether you wish to listen to your favourite CD on the Patio or enjoy entertaining with guests using their iPod music or watching your favourite DVD/SATELLITE program in different rooms. Mod n’ Sound has a solution to suit your lifestyle.

Home Automation

The popularity of home automation has been increasing dramatically in recent years due to much higher affordability and simplicity through Smartphone and tablet connectivity. The ability to control any aspect of your home from a wall mounted user friendly touch screen.  Also, easily control from an Ipad, iPhone or android device from anywhere in the world. Choose from any number of services, aircon, view security cameras, lighting moods and more. Mod ‘n Sound has a solution that suits your needs and budget.


Intelligent interior lighting is a powerful tool in both home and office for instantly altering levels of light to suit changing needs. With control at your fingertips at home, dim the lights for dinner with friends, raise the spotlight on works of art, or darken the room to watch a movie. In boardrooms and other corporate environments, one touch control brings up the lights for working on documents or lowers them for better screen viewing of video or computer data presentations.


An essential part of complete effective home security starts with prevention. Those systems are designed so you can control and monitor your entire property from virtually anywhere. Preview streaming video from security camera’s right on your screen display or mobile device.


We assist you in saving money by implementing the right technology for you or your company. You can save a lot of time and hassle by setting up an efficient network that you can rely on.

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